Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Soap Batch #6 - Rosehip Jasmine scented!

Hello friends! :)

On Sunday, 12/4 I got the urge to make some more soap! I wanted to make soap with avocado oil, and created a recipe and everything. I printed it out and went down to my storage room to pull the avocado oil and it turns out I didn't have any! I guess it must have gone bad and I threw it out and forgot. So I ended up using another recipe I created with walnut oil instead.

This soap consists of the following:

Olive Oil, Water, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Walnut Oil, Fragrance Oil, Castor Oil, Brick Red Oxide, and Titanium Dioxide.

Here is a photo of the soap after I poured it. Since I liked the way the design turned out last time, I copied the same pattern on the top of this batch.

I checked on the soap an hour after I poured it and I noticed it started heating up and slightly cracking on the top. I decided to just leave it and try and cut it off later if it looked bad.

Today, 12/7 I cut the bars. I was DELIGHTED to see what had happened with the first cut...

I honestly have NO idea how this marbling happened, but I really like the swirly look I got! I think the titanium dioxide didn't fully mix in and ended up with those white swirls.

Here's another view. I was able to cut 13 bars from this set.

Here they are on the drying rack, their new home for the next 4-6 weeks! The ones behind them are from my previous post. It's just about time for me to package these up and ship them off to my Aunt!

I am so happy with how these turned out!!! :-)

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