Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Today was like Christmas!!!

Well, almost...

I knew my soap supplies from Brambleberry were coming today via Fed Ex, so I was SUUUUPER excited all day!!! :-D I even got up and did my run earlier than I usually do so I would be able to wash up and get started with my soaping when I was done. EEEEEEEE It's just like Christmas!!!

So 3 pm came, then 4, then 5... I kept looking out the front door like a kid looking for Santa Claus and wondering, "where is the Fed Ex guy with my boxes?!? I want my boxes!" I figured he forgot about me, so I went downstairs to the office to see if he left them there and they hadn't seen him yet. GRRR! I was starting to get so frustrated! FINALLY at 5:55 he knocked on the door, left the boxes, and ran away. It was like he KNEW I was waiting for him ALL day long and he was embarrassed and didn't want to face me. By the time my boxes finally came, I lost my motivation to work on my soaps today because I was frustrated... THANKS A LOT Mr. Fed Ex guy!

These supplies today are for my wedding favors I will be making. They are going to take me DAYS to complete, possibly even a week or more so I was really hoping to get started on them today because there are multiple steps that must be completed, then the pieces need to be cut... OYE!

Anyway, Guess I'll get started on them tomorrow! I'll post some pics as I'm working on them so you can get a sneak peek of what I'm working on. I won't post the finished products though because I want them to be a surprise for the wedding guests! Since there will most likely be extras because of the way I'm making them, I will be offering them for sale on my milehighbodycare etsy page after May 23!

By the way: All large soaps are STILL 50% off on BOTH of my etsy pages! Don't let these deals get away! The links are: carecreations and milehighbodycare. Once my carecreations page closes, I'm going to offer another special on my milehighbodycare page... Stay tuned!

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And because pictures are fun to look at, here is a picture from Nov. 13, 2009. This was my FIRST attempt at two toned soap! They were apple scented. :-)


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