Monday, May 3, 2010

New items listed on my etsy!

Hey everyone! Remember that post last week where I gave a preview of my "plaid soap?" Well I cut it and it's for sale now on my etsy page! Below is a plumeria scented soap which smells EXACTLY like your favorite plumeria products from Bath and Body Works. They may have discontinued it but you can now buy it from me in the form of an adorable plaid soap! :)

Since I had extra stripes left over after creating the soap above, I decided to make a new color and create a slightly different look! This one is honeysuckle scented, it smells yummy, and it looks so darn cute!

Last week I also made lavender scented bath fizzies. The smell is strong, but lavender has relaxing properties which is perfect for a bath when you are TRYING to relax! Drop it in your tub and watch it fizz! They contain sweet almond oil which is an excellent natural moisturizer, and has been known to soften the skin! So you get a great smelling bath AND soft skin when you're done! Who could ask for anything more?!? ;)

If you buy these bath fizzies off of my etsy page, this is what they'll look like when they arrive at your home! They would make a great gift for that special someone in your life (or you!!) who is stressed out all the time and needs to relax. We ALL know someone like this, right?

By the way: ALL single colored large soaps are STILL 25% off on my etsy sale page! They were originally $4 and are now $3! The listings will be expiring in 15 days, so don't let these soaps get away! ALSO: my original etsy page found here is also having a 25% off sale. These listings will be expiring in 10 days! Don't miss out!

Thank you for being a friend... :-)

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