Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Out comes the soap!

Remember my post on Monday when I made my first batch of cold process soap? FINALLY, 48 hours has passed and it was time to remove the soap from the molds!

I honestly had no idea what to expect when I took them out, I was just hoping it wasn't a complete disaster.  I knew it had gone through gel phase, and I just prayed the entire mold had gone through it so I wouldn't get weird lines or discoloration...

As I started peeling the tape and pulling the paper up out of the mold, I got the most GIDDY feeling. EVER. It was SOOOOOO EXCITING!!!!! I cannot even BEGIN to tell you guys how awesome I felt knowing that I made this with oils, water, and lye!

First out were the hearts. I know they are a little "rough around the edges." I plan on probably cutting the excess off to make them prettier.

Then I pulled out this guy. The weird lines on the side are from my freezer paper. I didn't get it flush against the wood, but it's ok. It just makes it look that much more home made. ;)

Then I got REALLY EXCITED! Time to make my first cut! NO discoloration! No weird lines! No lye crystals! No soda ash! YAY!!!!

I was able to cut the whole 4 pound log into 16 bars of soap!

Here they all are on the drying rack! This is going to be their new home for the next 4-6 weeks. I plan or removing the wax paper the soap is sitting on in a day or two. I just don't want little squares in the bottom of my soap bars. ;-)

And another view:

OMG, I think I might become a soapmaking freak! I can't wait to make my second batch! I'm just sad I'll have to wait a few weeks because of all these trips I have planned! :(

If you are in my family, you may be receiving a little bar of soap from me in the next month! I'm proud to say I actually MADE these. FOR REALZ YO. :-D

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