Friday, May 20, 2011

Bramble Berry soap swap goodies!

About two weeks ago now (I know, I'm a little behind!), I received my box of soap goodies from the Bramble Berry soap swap. To participate, you had to make 12 bars of soap and select either the cold process group, or the melt and pour group. Since I didn't have time to do CP (and since I had only done CP once before), I decided to participate in the melt and pour group. :)

Here are the soaps that I sent off for my entry. They are "grass stain" scented, which smells exactly like its namesake: freshly cut grass!

Here are the 12 soaps I received in return from my fellow swappers!!! My favorite part was being able to smell new fragrances I've never used before!

I want to share where they came from, so I will start from the left top and go down each row. If you made one of these bars and have a website, please let me know and I will link you!

The first soap tied with the pink see through ribbon was from Donna's Creations and was Pineapple Cilantro scented.

The soap just below it looks like a dragon and was also from Donna's Creations. This soap was Basil Lime scented.

The soap in the bottom left corner was made by Alea Hunsucker for Lee Lee's Lounge. This soap was Saffron and Honey scented.

Back to the top row, there is a slice of cheesecake soap made by Kimberly Burton for Soap and Suds. This soap was Buttercream and Snickerdoodle scented.

Next to the cheesecake is a cupcake soap also made by Kimberly Burton for Soap and Suds. This soap was Clementine Cupcake scented.

Below that is a soap in white paper with a red ribbon around it. This soap was made by Blushing Rose Handmade Soaps and the packaging says Mr. Darcy Soap on it. I'm not sure of the fragrance.

The little green flower at the bottom came from Soap Bauble. It was unmarked so I'm not sure what fragrance it is.

Back at the top next to the cupcake is by Soap and Suds and is Island Coconut scented.

Below that is a clear bar of soap with what appears to be a knight chess piece inside. It has no name, fragrance, or ingredients on the packaging so I have NO idea where it came from!

At the bottom, you will see an Anise essential oil cold process soap made by Otion's Katheryn Hackney. I was rather surprised to receive this bar since I was in the melt and pour group! It made for a nice surprise and this was the first and only fragrance I smelled as soon as I opened the box. Very strong smelling. :)

To the far right of the photo, you will see a sandal on top of what I believe is a wooden soap dish. This was my very favorite of the group, just perfect for summer. :) It was created by Christy's Creations and is raspberry and violet scented.

In the very bottom right corner, I have a soap made by Lisa Burton for Soap and Suds. It is Passionfruit Rose scented.

I look forward to the next soap swap Bramble Berry puts on and I encourage everyone I know who makes soap to participate! :-D

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  1. So glad you loved my soap... loved doing the sandals! Enjoy