Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Unmolding batch #4: Peppermint and Eucalyptus soap

Yay, two days have passed! You know what that means... Happy unmolding day! :-)

This batch was the first time I did two pours with different colors. I was hoping to get a cool swirly effect by sticking my spatula into the mold and "mixing" the two pours together... Here's what I saw when I pulled the paper down the sides... It's not looking so swirly yet...

(* The peppermint flakes I used here were compliments of my friend, Chatti! Check out her blog if you need an awesome photographer and live in CA!) :-)

Here is the first cut! I think I did it wrong, because it isn't swirled together like I had wanted. :( I am however, liking the little peppermint flakes mixed into the soap. I think it gives it a little texture and a cool natural look. :)

I was able to cut 14 bars from this batch.

I was trying to show in this next picture that no two bars are exactly alike! Some are more white, and some are more green.

Here's another picture of the bars.

Here is a view from the front of the bars sitting on their new home. They will be sitting here for the next 4-6 weeks curing and drying out! (Technically, they will only be sitting here for about 10 more days, because I'm moving! Not sure how that's going to play out exactly, but I'll make it work!)

Here's a shot of the bars from the back. Don't you just love them? I do. :-)

Even though I didn't get the swirly effect I was going for, I am still really digging the way these guys turned out. :) They smell so minty! (It's a mix of candy canes and halls cough drops! Yum! lol)

Thanks for stopping by! :-)


  1. I think they look great and I bet they smell devine! -Leah of Fubble Bath

  2. Thanks Leah! :-) For some reason, Google didn't tell me you commented so I missed this!