Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cold process soap: Batch #3 with my own recipe!

Howdy Folks! 

Since my last slightly disastrous post where my soap came out less than perfect due to a discoloring oxide (and too much humidity), I was a little discouraged to try again. But I couldn't just allow one error to get the best of me, so I took a few weeks off and decided to try something new today... 

This time, I decided to make a 2 pound batch so I wouldn't need to use two molds. 

I took the recipe I normally use and made some modifications to it, which included changing the percentages of oil, as well as adding in a totally new oil (sunflower!)! I also added titanium dioxide to try and get my soap as white as possible, and this was my first time using essential oils and botanicals in cold process! 

(I want to give a shout-out to my super awesome friend, Chatti for giving me a WHOLE box of soap supplies, some of which I used today in this batch! I appreciate it soooooooooo much!) :-D

Here's what my recipe consisted of today (in no particular order): olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, water, lye, sunflower oil, titanium dioxide, lavender essential oil, and lavender flower buds!

I won't bore you with the process today (if you want to see the process, you can look at this previous post), but here's a picture in between stirrings of the lavender buds!

I also saved some of my lavender buds to pour on top of the soap to give it a more "natural" look. I think it turned out pretty cool (so far).  If you click the pictures, you can see them better. ;)

I can't wait to un-mold this bad-boy in two days to see what the inside looks like! I'll take pictures for everyone to see! :-D

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